How Heavy is a Henry Vacuum Cleaner?




how heavy is a henry vacuum cleaner

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When it comes to choosing a vacuum cleaner, weight is often a crucial factor to consider. Nobody wants a heavy, cumbersome appliance that is difficult to maneuver around the house. So, if you’re wondering how heavy a Henry vacuum cleaner is, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, I’ll provide you with all the information you need about the weight, dimensions, and specifications of Henry vacuum cleaners.

Key Takeaways:

  • Henry vacuum cleaners have a weight range of 7.5 kilograms to 8 kilograms.
  • The compact dimensions of Henry vacuum cleaners make them easy to store when not in use.
  • The weight is distributed evenly, ensuring stability and maneuverability during cleaning tasks.
  • Henry vacuum cleaners are designed to be durable and robust.
  • Models like Henry, Hetty, James, and Harry offer consistent performance and reliability.

Henry Vacuum Cleaner Specifications and Features

The Henry vacuum cleaners are known for their impressive specifications and features. They have a high-performance motor that provides strong suction power, allowing for efficient and thorough cleaning. The capacity of the Henry vacuum cleaners is 9 liters, which is larger compared to many other bagless vacuums. This large capacity ensures that you can clean for extended periods without needing to empty the vacuum frequently. The cleaning range of Henry vacuum cleaners is approximately 26 meters, providing ample reach to clean large areas without having to unplug and move the vacuum.

Additionally, Henry vacuum cleaners come with a variety of accessories and attachments that enhance their versatility and effectiveness. These include:

  1. A Combi Floor Tool for switching between carpets and hard floors
  2. A Crevice Tool for cleaning tight spaces
  3. A Dusting Tool for delicate surfaces

These attachments allow you to customize your cleaning experience and tackle a wide range of cleaning tasks with ease. Whether you need to vacuum carpets, reach into corners, or gently clean delicate items, the Henry vacuum cleaner has the right tool for the job.

“The Henry vacuum cleaner’s powerful motor, large capacity, and range of attachments make it a versatile and efficient cleaning tool.”

When it comes to specifications and features, the Henry vacuum cleaner delivers exceptional performance and convenience. Its powerful motor ensures effective cleaning, while the large capacity and extended cleaning range allow you to clean for longer without interruptions. With its assortment of attachments, you can easily tackle various cleaning tasks around your home or office.

Take a closer look at the specifications and features of the Henry vacuum cleaner in the table below:

Specifications Features
Motor Power High-performance motor for strong suction power
Capacity 9 liters, larger than many other bagless vacuums
Cleaning Range Approximately 26 meters
Attachments Combi Floor Tool, Crevice Tool, Dusting Tool

As you can see, the Henry vacuum cleaner offers a combination of power, capacity, and versatility that sets it apart from other vacuum cleaners in the market. Whether you’re dealing with carpets, hard floors, tight spaces, or delicate surfaces, the Henry vacuum cleaner has the features and attachments to meet your cleaning needs.

henry vacuum cleaner specifications


In conclusion, Henry vacuum cleaners, including models like Henry, Hetty, James, and Harry, are reliable and efficient cleaning tools. They have a solid build, offering durability and longevity. The weight of Henry vacuum cleaners ranges from 7.5 kilograms to 8 kilograms, providing stability and ease of use.

With their powerful motors, large capacity, and range of accessories, Henry vacuum cleaners are well-suited for both domestic and commercial cleaning tasks. Customers have consistently praised the performance and reliability of Henry vacuum cleaners.

Overall, if you are in the market for a vacuum cleaner that offers superior cleaning capabilities and durability, Henry vacuum cleaners are definitely worth considering. The positive henry vacuum cleaner reviews from satisfied customers and the verdict of their performance make it evident that investing in a Henry vacuum cleaner is a smart choice. With their impressive features, reliability, and lasting performance, Henry vacuum cleaners prove to be a valuable addition to any cleaning routine.


How much does a Henry vacuum cleaner weigh?

The standard Henry vacuum cleaner weighs approximately 7.5 kilograms or 16.5 pounds. Other models like Henry Xtra, Harry, and Hetty have a weight of around 8 kilograms or 17.6 pounds.

What are the dimensions of a Henry vacuum cleaner?

The dimensions of Henry vacuum cleaners typically range from 340 x 360 x 370mm, providing a compact size that is easy to store when not in use.

What are the specifications and features of a Henry vacuum cleaner?

Henry vacuum cleaners have a high-performance motor that provides strong suction power. They have a capacity of 9 liters, a cleaning range of approximately 26 meters, and come with various accessories and attachments for versatile cleaning.

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